This is the personal blog of James Riley, largely as a place to share my adventures in Free/Open Operations Research and/or Data Science. There’ll also be Statistics, some Economics, maybe some Social Research, and definitely some bad programming. 3 years after starting, some of the early stuff makes me cringe because I’ve improved through doing this.

Most of the data I use is available for free, for some value of free. It is my intention that anyone be able to reproduce the outputs of this site. I’m using R markdown with hosting on GitHub so you can have the source for free as well. Sometimes I process my personal data, and while I’m happy to share summary statistics from my Spotify listening, I’m not happy sharing the raw data.

I am an Operational Researcher for the UK Department of Health and Social Care. All opinions are my own and not those of my employer. I have not used any restricted/official data or code in this site.

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Code on the website is made available on the attached github under GPL v3.

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