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James Riley

4-Minute Read

Package Odin has gone live on CRAN with version 1. It makes some stuff with deSolve a little easier: - Defining a set of ODEs looks a bit easier - it’s easier to change parameters - it can write its own C code for when you’ve got a massive set of ODEs and the efficiency helps.

James Riley

5-Minute Read

From before I hit publish on part 2, I had people telling me that the graphs were cool and they wanted their version. I briefly considered making a page with 404 graphs on it - 2 graphs \(*\) 2 sexes \(*\) 101 age groups. Then I remembered that this is a webpage, not a static document, and Javascript is a thing. I discovered the rather useful htmlwidget plotly, which adds interactivity and drops some of the painful aspects of ggplot.

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